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Went for a short walk this morning to orient myself and see what's near where I live, especially given that the only consumables in the house currently are a 10 gallon jug of purified water and a granola bar I packed.

I ended up at Cafe Riqueza Chiapas (Chiapas being a coffee plantation-heavy southern Mexican state) and ordered a double espresso. While I sat and sipped it, a man walked in in shorts, a white t-shirt that said 'TEXAS,' a Hard Rock Cafe hat, and a camera hung around his neck. Much to my surprise, when he ordered, he turned out to be Mexican.

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Made It

semi-overcast 80 °F

I am here, I am tired, and I am unpacking.

When you get to Cancún airport and walk out, there's the usual crush of hotel-taxi-transfer hawkers, but if you're transferring buses downtown anyway, it's much cheaper to take the $3 airport bus to the terminal. The trick is, they don't tell you where to catch that bus. It is literally unmarked -- only by assessing the line and then asking for confirmation can you know where to catch it. And it's only at one terminal (2, I think), not the one I arrived at. I may be tired and cranky after a long delay in Philadelphia and lugging two heavy bags around, but I spent 20 minutes (including wandering through the customs area between terminals) finding that bus. I take that deliberately hidden loading area as a personal challenge, and every "want a taxi?" only increases my stamina.

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Dates and Details

sunny 60 °F

I am staying in the city of Mérida, Yucatán from February 9-26. I'll be working as usual during the week, and probably hitting the beach on the weekends.

My inspiration for the trip comes from Tyler Cowen at Marginal Revolution:

"I am toying with a new concept, namely The Work Vacation. Pick some exotic locale and bring your laptop. Write your book and blog as usual. Go out every now and then to see some sights. In essence seeing sights replaces the time at home you would spend doing chores and taking care of family."

I don't like running in 25 degree weather or digging my car out of the snow; I do like fresh tamales and working at streetside cafes.

It's going to be very warm this week at least, but the nighttime lows look very comfortable. I've got all my warm-weather clothing out of storage and ready to go. I'm flying from Philly to Cancún tomorrow morning then taking a bus to Mérida. I'll be updating pretty frequently with photos and anecdotes, so definitely stop back. Talk to you tomorrow.

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