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It's little-known that a significant wave of Lebanese immigration came to Mexico in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and that these immigrants left an indelible mark on Mexican cuisine. The classic taco al pastor, grilled on a vertical spit in front of an open flame, is basically shawarma in a tortilla (and with a pineapple).

In Mérida, there is still an overt Lebanese culinary influence; Cafe Alameda on Calle 58 still makes delicious baba ghanouj, tabbouleh, and other Middle Eastern specialties.


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New Shoes

sunny 93 °F

I didn't end up packing my flip flops to save space, but having to constantly wear shoes outside in this heat is a little bit of a drag. So I headed down the sprawling market southeast of the historic center today to shop around for new sandals. I lucked out, finding a small section in one corner of the market housing about three or four sandalmakers. I poked around, checked out the designs, and picked out a pair, which you can see below.


I haggled just enough to assuage my suspicions of my own gullibility and parted with around $14. Not bad, even if they fall apart eventually.

As promised earlier, some pictures of my apartment. It's impossible to get good ones without the daylight, and I kept only remembering at night.

The living room:


The bedroom, on the second floor above the other side of the living room:


Spacious, airy, and cool. And I have two bathrooms, in case I ever get bored with one of them.

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Afternoon Coffee

sunny 95 °F

I've enjoyed stopping by El Hoyo on Calle 62 the past couple afternoons for coffee. It's got a nice interior courtyard, spacious tables, good frappuccino, and a pleasant college-kids-between-classes vibe.


There's no wifi, but it's helpful for my productivity to eliminate those distractions for an hour or so tonight.

USA vs Mexico is tonight at 6pm local time; I'll be out to be the only one cheering our guys on. Wish me luck.

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Tuesday Night Music

sunny 80 °F

I headed out to Parque Santiago tonight to catch the Tuesday night outdoors big band. Brassy Caribbean jazz (think Buena Vista Social Club) on stage, a couple hundred dancers crammed into the park in front of them.

Plenty of food options from the market stalls spilling out onto the edges of the park -- some Yucatecan, some Mexican. Semi-mobile food carts as well, including the one in the left of this picture selling elotes (corn on the cob with chile and mayo):


I skipped the food, though, having unknowingly ordered a monster frozen cappuccino and caramel drink at the coffee shop this afternoon. Hopefully by tomorrow morning, I'll be hungry again.

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Lunch at El Cangrejito

sunny 85 °F

'El Cangrejito' means 'The Little Crab.' It's a taquería a couple blocks down from my place. For about $4.50, I had a coke and four tacos -- one each of shrimp, octopus, lobster, and chile relleno. Not a bad start.


(pictured: octopus and shrimp)

My iPhone's camera doesn't really do the colors justice. Vivid red tomato, bright green guacamole, purple octopus, pink shrimp. All that plus the bright lime juice zing. Simple and fantastic.

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